The Financial Paradigm Shift

QUEENBEE is the advanced advisory firm that provides global asset liquidation with blockchain technologies.

QUEENBEE provides business consulting for customers (private companies and domestic investors) to successfully enter the global digital asset market by creating regulatory and customer-specific data blocks using blockchain technology. Digitalized assets are clearly recorded and tracked for every transaction as the most convenient and safest business transaction at home and abroad.

Global partner in new financial market

1 Exchange, leading Singapore exchange of the digital finance era invites you to be part of forming the new digital asset market.

New financial advisory services

We provide new financial advisory services to private market participants, private companies and investment companies (or parties).

Data Transparency

By providing data transparency using BLOCKCHAIN, it eliminates the risk of asymmetric information among participants in the private market.


Partial Listing Service

Partial Listing Service

Partial Listing Service is a service that provides liquidity to unlisted companies by listing a portion of their shares on the Singapore '1 Exchange'. Regardless of the 1X listing, the company can maintain a privately held company and proceed with an IPO in the future.


Expansion of Liquidity

Only some unlisted stocks can be listed on 1X to provide liquidity to the company.

Quick Exit

Removes the uncertainty of IPO progress and enables EXIT for rapid listing.

Global IR

The listing provides opportunities to advance globally from global investment companies.

Investment advisory service

It is a service that provides information and advises investors to invest in newly growing companies. Investors can receive transparent information on unlisted companies (shareholders share, financial statements, transactions of unlisted stocks, etc.), and non-listed companies have not conducted an IPO, so they can make additional or follow-up investments.

Finance is expanded and developed from simple credit and receiving activities in the past to financial engineering. Asset Tokenization through blockchain is also progressing as a new paradigm in the financial industry. In particular, digitalization of stocks is expected to achieve financial innovation by solving the chronic problems between companies and investors.

-Dongsoo Lee Partner (Yegyo Intelligence Accounting Firm)


A Unlisted stocks have rights and obligations that follow, therefore the process is complicated, limiting potential buyers. Additionally, participating buyers are also left with illiquid assets and cannot be easily traded at their location. Securities that can be traded at 1X are based on your company’s common stock, and then listed on 1X, allowing investors to trade freely. This allows for continuous liquidity and enables you to reach your true value potential.

A IPOs are generally suitable for companies at the right stage of growth and require significant preparation, time and money. For shareholders expecting a return on investment, the transaction size may be too small to justify an IPO. However, 1X’s Partial Listing provides an alternative for quick partial return on investment at low cost before IPO.

A For general investors, this service is currently not available. Investors are limited to institutional or Accredited Investors. This may include angel investors, business owners, professionals, and close affiliates. The type and target of investors may change in the future according to legal regulations.

A It takes about 2.5 to 3.5 months from signing the contract to provide liquidity through listing on ‘1 Exchange.’ The procedure for converting existing unlisted stocks into digital assets that can be traded in ‘1 Exchange’ and the campaign process necessary to measure the correct price of the corresponding securities and attract investment must be carried out. Campaign courses are conducted directly by our partner CapBridge Pte Ltd. in the Singapore global market.

A In the case of total cost, it depends on the amount of securitized shares in the company. A certain percentage of service fee and operation cost are measured based on the company’s securitized stocks. Operation Cost includes all expenses required to provide liquidity (valuation, legal and accounting advice, 1X listing fee, etc.).


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